Saturday, March 10, 2007

Slap me With A cabbage Day.

Just watchingthe TV 6-30 in the morrow here in blighty.

The dazzling montage skims by my red and eyeballs.

O the tortured worl of misery we live on - someone give Bush a big REd Nose for goodnesss ake !!

These partners for PEACE seem doomed from the start.

Publicity stump?

Was on Marzipan last night and feel like a rawlplug. In fact I think Am a rawlplug ( I thin Murkans call the diblets) ?

I could be wrong.

Just two hours slip again.

Two steps forward and one step back.

Does anybody know a good phone company besides BT?


Jon said...

A good phone company other than BT? Some years ago we went and got cable TV with NTL (with phone & broadband - it's the best way to get decent reception round here), who were rubbish and stuck the unsightly cable without any aesthetic considerations for our decor. However, they've now been taken over by that nice mister Branson in the form of Virgin media and the first thing they did was right to us and say we've been overcharging you and owe you £90 which they've now refunded, effectively giving us three months free service and phone. I was impressed! Of course, they seme to be at war with Sky, which means we lost Sky One but...

Roger Stevens said...

Did you know that cabbages are mildly phosphorescent?

I'm in Nottingham right now. At a school here tomorrow and then a school in Newark on Tuesday. Then a festival in Herefordshire. It's all go.

The weird thing is - I'd planned to use the cabbages quote BEFORE I saw the heading of this blog.


Hey, you're coming to visit at Easter. Hurrah!!!!!!

Sheila Ryan said...

O how I'd love to give Bush a great honking red nose!

Though I'm not a Dixie chick, I grew up in Texas (the daughter of transplanted Connecticut Yankees), and with all my heart and soul I wish I had the means simply to . . . "wish him into the cornfield", as it were.

Both a fool and a knave he is.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Jon we will keep that in mind though Virgin seems to have very little impact up here and is mostly a London and South east thing as far as i can gather!

The North South devide?

But soon all the ice caps will melt and they will have to move to the tops of mountains apprently so any hilltop dwellings in Spain and Poland etc. will be worth a small fortune! Its true I read it in the Daily Wail!

Thanks Roger. Hopefully will be free of bugs and stuff for easter!

Thansk sheila, Much appreciated.