Friday, March 16, 2007

Red Nose Day

My nose is probably red enough after this rotten flu' bug but I did buy another today as they had so many left in Oxfam and also this excellent sticker for our wheelie bin from a stall in the middle of town. Also they threw in a great little recipe book for things to make out of your left-overs. The haddock and spinach crunchy bake looked particularly delicious- as did the apple and bread 'n' butter pudding! Yum!

It was nice to have a few more hours sleep and I didn't have to resort to the sleeping pill! Hooray! So I think I must be getting better. I certainly had a spring in my step today and was buying all kinds of junk to prove it!
I even bought the Big Issue which isn't like me atall. It has a few interesting articles too which I will get around to reading over the weekend maybe. Ive started the "With Nails" film diaries I bought years ago and never got round to after seeing Richard E. Grant on that new cookery prog. where they make dishes they had as kids and they talk about their lives which makes it a bit more interesting than the usual kitchen humiliations!

I also bought a few dodgy videos like Airplane 2 and Chinatown with Jack Nicholson. I remember seeing it at the NFT some years ago and enjoying it. Also a fanstatic scrapbook of old sepia photos for a quid from the book stall in the market. It has a whole page of creepy graves! Mostly fun days at the beach though with stripey swimming costumes and boaters etc.

Alos bought some blueberries which I've been having on my muesli in the mornings. They are delicious!

Have been scanning lots of feet this afternoon- mostly from old Curios Things. I'm hoping to get a new mail art postcard project off the ground and making some "flyers" for it. I found a few brains pics too which amused me. Mine seems to be settling down now you'll be glad to hear! Nearly back to my old self.

The gasman came this afternoon to mend the light socket in the bedroom. It was a faulty wire i think. It didn't take him long to trace it. There was an amazing ammount of fluff under the bed. Hazel hoovered it up before he arrived. Have fitted new long-life bulbs to save the planet - ha hah! I wasl listening to some old codgers on the radio the other night as I dozed off. It was LBC I think? One suggested that the current panic about Global Warnings was a big lie and the earth goes through cycles of change every million years or so. What happened to that next Ice Age we were sposed to have? Also he cleverly figured that the ice caps and ice bergs were mostly under water so if they melt they would make the sea LOWER because they would displace the air with water ( Ice expands - water contracts ). This made perfect sense to me in my addled state. You don't know who to belive do you?

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