Friday, March 02, 2007

How Did We Do It?

How did we raise such a clever boy? Hazel admits she is not the "brightest button in the box", although she managed to get from an Incomprehesive in Walsall to a the high echelons of the RCA in a matter of a few years. I , on the other hand am a baby boomer from the decrepid jiving 50's and found myself in a terrible secondary modern in Basildon where I suffered for 5 years and got one "O" level in art! It took me another 4 years at Southend Art School to get the other four I needed to go onto Art School and the Pre-Diploma Course which was the forrunner of the Foundation Course in Art & Design.
Anyway, I digress!
We went to the High School last night to talk to Archie's teachers about his glowing report and what hi "options" might be for next year. Hardly any it seems! He has about ten "compulsary" lessons and threee blocks of six others that he can choose from but on e must be a IT subject!? derrrr! Why do they make it so confusing? Anyway we made the mistake of going down early to try and spot a teacher to talk to but they all had huge crowds of eager parents and even grandparents lined up ready to pounce. We had a time-table but last year nobody seemed to stick to it and you just had to jump in the queue when you saw a space! Crazy! I wasnt feeling very bright so stayed around for 30 minutes to show willing and then slunk off home to watch some mind numbing cookery programme. Hazel was braver and as it turned out was rewarded with fantastic feedback about Archie's progress that made us very proud! We are still wondering how we managed it? maybe a leap in the gene -pool to Archie's Great Grandfather who we never knew. Perhaps he was a clever bastard, as Ian Dury once said.


asmallprincess said...

Well done!

Roger Stevens said...

Yes, he's a very clever boy.

Jonathan said...

Archie is clever because his parents don't treat him as a child.
I've always considered him an equal, as well.