Monday, March 19, 2007

Hailstones and Sunshine

I had a nice walk into town and back as the bus wasn't around. Lovely and sunny except for brief hail storm. I put up cheap nasty umbrella and cut my thumb on one of the sprockets? I went into thet walled up newsagents and the lady found me some sticky plaster - only two quid for a big packet. So that was good as the blood was beginning to ooze down me thumb and drip into my carrier bag of wet envelopes!

So anyway. the barbers was full up so and the icy wind round me lug-'oles made me think i should wait until the weather warms up a bit before I am too hastey and get me greasy locks shorn. I will try again on wednesaday. Got me first footsdhaped postcard today but in an enevelope from John M. Bennett in the USA. So off to a good start. A packet of ephemera from PLG. Coincidentally sent him a foot shaped postcard today.

The sun made me feel quite rejuvianted despite only having four hours sleep again - or so it seemed to me - maybe it was five?
Bought some cheap vids and CD's from the library sale. Some bloke was going on at the librarians on how the toilet is always locked downstairs . I didn't even know there was one? She was very calm and explained to him that it was a library and not a public conveniance - there are two public toilets nearby if you are taken short. He still ranted and raved but was eventually subdued by her calming voice. Some old codgers in the queue were butting in which didnt help matters saying things like "Your just a trouble maker you are!"

Ive never heard the like in the library before- its always so peaceful and quiet!

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