Thursday, March 29, 2007

Green Jelly Stamps

Just got my rubber stamps back from Bristol. They are made of a strange green jelly-like polymer and smell horrible - a bit like week old pea soup! I would much prefer the old orange flavoured rubber they used to do but apparently this polymer is a lot cheaper and better to print with. I am not convinced though the one I just made up for Archie's "Two Blind Mice" design seems to work o.k. after a few stampings. I've been having fun cutting out the wooden blocks to mount them on with Hazels jigsaw in her workshop. She's hardly used it since she bought it 12 years ago but it seems to cut out thick planks of wood quite well despite vibrating all over the place! I had to try and hold it down whilst Hazel did the cutting. I was rather unkind about her cutting ability and so had a go myself and realised it was far harder than it looked - like steering a pea along a cobweb suspended on a uni-cycle! If you can imagine such a thing- and I know you can.

Well, anyway, I have all my wobbly blocks now and they are all sanded down and now in the process of gluing the green jelly rubber onto them. So will uplaod a photo of them when I have done. Most are feet images for use on the Let Your Postcards Do The Walking cards I am sending out.

Earlier I walked into town to get some fresh air and go to the bank and do some errands. I couldnt help but venture into all the charity shops again. Its a terrible compulsion! I did find a nice book about the Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum though and some more cheap videos including Leon and Full Metal Jacket.
Archie is looking forward his week in Austria and has a huge Thermos bag of goodies to take on the coach full of snacks in case he should get hungry between here and Stoke. Lets hope they last a bit longer.


Roger Stevens said...

Looking forward to your visit. A few charity shops lined up. The little old ladies eagerly await you.

Those were the days. It seems like years, although probably only months, since I last steered a pea along a cobweb suspended on a uni-cycle.

Happy times...

wastedpapiers said...

Those little old ladies in charity shops are the salt of the earth are't they? A world unto themselves. I though the Royston Vasey version was very cruel and not really typical of the ones I visit anyway.

Pea Steering is very popular here in the North West - there being not much else to do! Lentil Leverage is also quite the thing in some small villages cut off from the outside world.

We often like to go to the big Houmous Fair at Tatton Hall and see the one legged Chick Pea Racers going hammer and tongs around the barbed wire track. Delightful!