Friday, March 02, 2007

For Archie

Sadly, the BBC in it's infinite wisdom have chosen to with hold the embedding of clips fromm the NEW YOUTUBE channel but you can find a tiny bit of the new AARdmann series "Shaun The Sheep" here-

Great catchy title song. Not sure who is doing it. Its on all next week in U.K. at 3-45pm. in the afternoon. Archie is ecstatic! he much prfers this to the 1964 Boxed set of "The Outer Limits" we got him from Woolies. I though the Galaxy Being was fantastic- I nearly choked laughing so much! Hazel fell asleep on the settee! He's gonna get the new Maxiimo Park CD instead. teenagers eh?


Roger Stevens said...

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

I don't understand your blog.

Roger Stevens said...

BTW Joe and Steph have arrived for the night. They love the collage you did for the CD. Joe thinks I should use it. (For me - it's just not quite right.) But thought you'd like to know that.

Hope you're feeling better.


michael said...

Sadly nobody else does either!

Thanks for the feedback! Joe and Steph are obviously creatures of taste! Like what I am!

I slept about 3 hours last night. Tossing and turning and jumping up every now and again - Hazel was asleep - to write line of nonsense poem down or other that popped into my swirling brain!

Maybe we could bandy a few back and forth for the next poetry project? I send a few and see what you think.

Hazel gave me a lesson in yoga relaxation before she dropped off. It sounded like a wonderful Fluxus performance. I will try and remember it for later. For the neo's.

It worked for the first ten minutes then I woke up and jumped out of bed again!

I had to write it down. Woke in a pool of sweat - my mouth all dry and cracked-

I listened to the morning chorus too-

It was quite lovely!

I'll have a power nap later if I can find my slippers!