Monday, March 26, 2007

First Bootsale Of The Year

It was nice to get out to the first boot sale of the year ( for us anyway ) in Weaverham. It was nice sunny day though rather nippy. We drove over to Audrey's to pick her up and so saved Hazel two trips.
I found a great book of old coloured alphabets first of all which stretched by platic bag to its limit! I'm amazed it lasted so well considering all the junk I stuffed in it! I should have unloaded some of it into the boot of the car but couldnt see Hazel anywhere - she was going round with Archie. I got a few old scratchy records so hoepfully a few will appear on Boot Sale Sounds which I have neglected rather since being ill. LP's by Flanders and Swann, Hoffnung and Bob Williamson to name but a few. Hazel found some old rusty tins and some metal puzzles. Archie got a great pile of ancient magazines of life in the trenches during the first WW. Photos of smiling Tommies with rats and pointing at mud holes etc. Trying to put a brave face on the horrors of trench warfare. Archie is doing the !stWW in school so these will come in handy.
Not sure what Audrey got - the usual nick nacks and ceramics I expect.

Later we dropped Audrey off and went in for some late breakfast and tea.
In the afternoon Hazedl and Archie went into the garden to do some weeding and planting out some plants they bought at the boot sale. Lots of daffodils out at the moent and the garden looks very springlike and colourful.

The above film is just clips we had left over whilst clearing out the iPhoto files. I added a silly soundtrack. Treemo seems to think it "inappropriate" for some strange reason - I can't think why? Maybe they are in cahoots with Flickr?


Syl said...

Well, I am are the one who brought me to flicr and
encouraged my silly collages and art...and through you met Al and loves...and such music to start my day...and thoughts of walks near this lake or that...sweet...sweet...
flickr without you...I may have to leave loses its heart.
Love to each of so talented...I just here.

wastedpapiers said...

Nice of you to say Syl- I shall miss you too. Hazel is still there ofcourse and I may pop by in disguise to see whats going on. But I am busy doing other things now like this LULU book thats almost as frustrating as Flickr is! I hope to tweak it soon though and have some copies for sale or download. Also a few mail art projects in the pipeline. Not to mention the blogs and collages!
Not enough hours in the day! Did Jonathans mail art packet turn up?