Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Chubb Chubbs

It was nice to get out to stretch the legs this morning after being cooped up for two weeks. Ah, the sun on my face- it was full of B vitimins ( or is it D ? )- anyway, I was obviously lacking some and felt a whole lot better after a wander round the charity shops and library. I asked about the exhibition space but the person responsible was having a tea break. I phoned later and booked it, packed it, for March 2008 which gives me plenty of time to sort out my mail art archive and have them framed nicely etc. Also in one corner can be one of the recent projects announced at yahoo mail art groups. I'm hoping to get some flyers made and rubber stamps as soon as i feel able and have more energy.

I actually got four hours sleep last night- taking half a Tamarzipan which suited me better - they make you a bit woozy and dopey the next day and I can't operate "heavy machinery" apparently!
Hazel wnt off and bought a lighter duvet (7 togs ) which seems better for this mild Spring we are having. Also a softer duck feather mattress cover that my sister reccomended. Like they say- you spend a third of your life in bed so its wise to make it as comfy as possible!

I bought lots of tat ofcourse - cheap videos and a Chas & Dave Lp . O dear -says Hazel.

Going for a rest now and read one of the piles of books Ive stacked up over the last few months that I havent gotten around to. It seems like the ideal time to catch up with all my reading.


scrapatorium said...

I'm so happy to hear that you got out and about! I have been so worried about you as well as your pals over at Scrapiteria. We did some Get Well Soon Michael collages, so be sure to take a look when you feel better. You are loved. :-)

wastedpapiers said...

THATS REALLy nice! Thanks Angelica and all the Scrapiteria pals. It means a lot! Hopefully i will be back to my "normal" self next week and get some new collages made. I have a new brain full of ideas for mail art projects, books, and 'zines etc. Hoping to get one made at LUCY? If and when we can figure out how they are put togther- a student of Hazels made a fabulous "colouring book" with them and it looks terrific.

You can find him on the side LINKS here at flobberlob. Andy Sykes. He inspirtes Archies animations too- he's been to two of his Flash Workshops at the MMU.

Jonathan said...

If you're having an exhibition next year... We might have to come see.
Keep us posted as to the opening.