Saturday, March 03, 2007



Someone's been in and measured all the biscuits in the night.

They hung them in the Tate for the Grumpy people's delight!

Nicholas Serota said , "That bourbon's far too tight!"

It needs to be at least another inch off to the right!

Dawn's Chorus

Up again- I flit down to the loo.

The dawn chorus is twittering outside in the rain.

The two cooing pigeons woo down the chimney

I collapse into a dream.

The starlings in the big ol' tree

gather for their breakfast

In great numbers- they stand more chance

Against the big thick leather coated booby bird!

In the dawns early flight.


My shirt is inside out - much like my brain at the the moment.

I pulled on my trousers and listened to the rain

Piddle on the window and gurgle down the drain

I looked out the window- and saw all the cars

had lined up in the night to mystify the stars.

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wastedpapiers said...

They need some work Roger! says the poet aged 7.

There were thousands more but these are the best ones!