Friday, January 07, 2005

I'm a non-entity, get me out of here!

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Blimey, the wind is whistling around the perimeters something chronic! Sorry, I promised not to mention our feeble weather.
Here's another puzzle picture full of people you might know - like Quasimodo, that face rings a bell? I expect you will know some of them but others are more obscure, especially for non U.K. citizens.
Hazel has started adding to her blog again after a lull in activities. You can find it here.
Went into town today to take a game back to the library and borrow another. Found some cheap DVD's and a CD of "car music" from the 90's featured on that dreadful Top Gear programme on telly. It contains classics like the La's "There She Goes" and Talking Heads "Road To Nowhere".
Not much in the mail today.


swapatorium said...

John and I saw the LAs in a small seedy bar sometime in the 90s. Most of their songs sounded very similiar.

michael said...

"There She Goes" is the only song I ever heard them do. They only had one LP released as far as I know. Probably why they split up - songs all sounded the same.

Jonathan said...

Three chords, Rock n' Roll, what'd you expect?

michael said...

I expect some staying power!