Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

I made Hazel a collaged card and gave her some chocs. Walked to town before H & A got up and back at 10am. They were still not up the lazy pair. Mind you it has been a long stressful week for both of them what with students and open days and "catch up days" etc.
I didnt find much in town- just a loaf of seedy bread and the Independent with free CD in it.
In the afternoon we all went to Lady Hayes with Audrey to mooch around the antiques and buy some of Bob Carolgee's candles from his shop.
I took the Flip camera and took a few snippets. Hazel found tons of stuff for her blog including packetsof anceint needles and some sewing gadgets- things to thred needles and other bits and pieces. Archie bought a book about Nature for his art class project.
Audrey bought a few things too - postcards a,d a rubber stamp that says "Best Wishes". She showed us the production line of home-made cards when we stooped off for tea at Granma's.
Peeked in the window of one gallery to see the Tardis and Daleks but didnt go in. Found some nice recycled Indian lamps made if tin in one shop. Hard to choose which one to get but eventually plumped for the biggest which Hazel bought me as my Valentines present. It hangs in the back room now- over the dining table and sends out rays of patterned light on the ceiling with a small candle inside. I'll have to take a photo of it if I can.

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