Sunday, February 01, 2009

Glove Weather

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Whether or not we wear them is another matter. This one spotted on out walk round Shackerly this afternoon. Brrrr! it was freezin'! Glad to get home again.
No boot sales today- at least none we knew the whereabouts of. Betty said there was one in Winsford but we tried to find it before and went on a wild goose chase.
Yesterday we just did the fortnightly big shop at Aldi.
Its started to snow. The weather forecast said it would- blowing down from Russia. They can have it back anytime!
We watched the directors commentary extra on the Little Shop Of Horrors DVD last night which was fun and insightful. Frank Oz explained a lot of things well and surprised us by saying the man eating plant wasnt shot at the same speed as the rest of it when singing as the puppeteers couldnt move the lips quick enough to sync. with the vocal track. So Rick Moranis? had to move very slowly so when it was speeded up it looked like the right speed. Also they changed the ending as the preview audience didnt like the way it ended with all the good guys getting eaten by the plant! What an admission!

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