Friday, February 27, 2009

Sickly Week

We are all proper poorly as some old radio star used to say. Hazel has had a terrible cold and sore throat for a week and since talking too much at college has lost her voice completely. We can't find it anywhere. I told her not to go in but she was determined not to have another day cancelled. The doc has suggested complete rest from talking,even whispering is bad apparently. So Hazel is writing notes on a little pad. Its like living with a trappist monk.
Archie has been off school too with a bad cold. He's gone in today though.
I went to round the town this morning and did usual tour of the charity shops but didn't find anything. Got flowers, bread and garlic in the Co-op on the way home.
Fun in the post office - some dilly dallying at the till and then the womam behind the counter ran out of money so had to go and get some - meanwhile the queue is building up and lot of tutting and head shaking is going on. She comes back and the old chap in front wants some tobacco - cigarrettes? no tobacco in a pouch! In a what? A pouch- oh a pouch etc etc. More tutting and head shaking- gasps of disbelief etc. for ever growing queue. Then it came to my turn . A book of second class stamps and one 56p stamp please. She starts to tear off a one pound stamp - no just one 56 pence stamp for a postcard to america. Oh 56 pence - is that for 0ver 200 milligrams? No its for a postcard to AMERICA! More tutting and fuming from assembled throng. She puts an 81p stamp in front of me. No a 56pence stamp - that's a 8ip stamp! O dear. Tut tut- fume fume. Lots of murmering. I'm getting quite agitated too by now. Eventually I get what I want and get my change and wonder if its the right change but cant be bothered to check after all that hassle over a stamp. I shall get them from Oxfam in future- its easier!


treena said...

sorry to hear you are all ill hope you get better soon, the new post office drives me crazy too. i weigh all my post at home and then take a list in for stamps otherwise they give me the white printed sticker instead.

wastedpapiers said...

I know- it was bad enough at the other post office - at least it had an orderly queue- at the new place its very confusing where you have to queue and now they sell cigarettes and newspapers which is a bad idea.

Thanks treena. any boot sales this week? I forgot to ask betty.

Jonathan said...

What's the Post Office doing selling cigarettes and newspapers???

wastedpapiers said...

I know, it's a crazy idea Jonathan and doomed to failure I hope.