Sunday, February 08, 2009

Matchbox Stuffing

We have been matchbox stuffing this weekend - we know how to enjoy ourselves! This is Archie's effort soon to be added to the Flickr group of International Matchbox Stuffers League or whatever it's called. I was just remembering the game we played at Basildon Boys Club - filling matchboxes to see who could get the most items crammed inside and somebody though this would be a fun idea to run with and its grown into this group now of nearly 100 people all madly searching their drawers and tins for tiny things! ( I have mentioend this before ina previous blog - this is bad sign - obviously going a bit senile !)
Yestrday we went to knutsford to mooch around the charity shops and peek into the posh shop windows at all the snooty Knutsford folk. Some are very freindly i must say and in one gallery/craft shop I was given a cup of tea. A new venture to bring in customers the nice girl said - maybe a few chairs and tables at one end.
It made a nice change and lubricated the vocal chords. I still didnt see anything to buy though - all a bit twee and crafty for me.
I found some great DVD's in a charity shop including The Exorcist with extras and Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd which I wanted to see and the cinema but never got the chance. We watched it last night. Hazel psent most of the time hiding behind her cushion whenever the blood started to flow and there was copious ammounts of it! Fantastic to watch though - amazing sets and costumes and atmostphere. The singing though started to grate after a few songs and they all started to sound very similar. It made me think of the awful Blood Brothers which is an unfair comparison really but the only one that came to mind.
Hazel bought some clobber in a sale- a new victorian looking blouse and a cardie. I wanted to buy a paper but they don't have a newsagents on Knutsford it seems - its all boutiques and antigue shops and wine bars.
Looked into the Penny Farthing Museum/cafe place but it was packed with "ladies who lunch" and so difficult to take a phot of all the old bikes hanging from the rafters. Took one outide with Hazel leaning on a sign post and bike that someone had made from an old plough or maybe a washing machine?


Jane said...

That's a great idea! Going to find a matchbox now...

wastedpapiers said...

Good luck Jane- let us knowhow you get on!

Adele said...

Oooh, those matchbox goodies look like Lost-Somethings!