Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A nice but exhausting day yesterday - getting up at 5-45am to get train (thankfully not late ) and get to Manchester for a lovely big breakfast in the college canteen. We had a look round the exhibition of art school technicians work in the Holden Gallery. Some nice stuff including some small paintings on plaster of wall fragments a bit like the Boyle Family.
Andy Sykes- ace animator - gave a talk to the 1st years later which we sat in on which was fun. He had pinned up some of his drawings to colour in- he holds these "coulering in" evenings in shopping centrs and places. He showed his animations and film of the artists working at the AYUP animation space at Bradford's Museum Of Film & Television or whatever it's called.
An interesting talk and he seems to be doing well since leaving the Interactive Arts course a few years back.
We had lunch with him in the staff canteen and ate out sushi from M&S . We did buy some fruit crumble though and I think it was plums but not sure!
Archie ordered a new resonanting uke at Johnny Roadhouse. He plays the other one all the time so I'm sure he will find it useful and a slightly different sound as its made of metal.
In the afternoon Archie and I walkded down to the Whitworth Art Gallery and saw the exhibition of Surrealism. Some great Max Ernst collages but not much else to write home about. The modern stuff was pretty awful.
Then walked back to the station via the Cornerhouse (nothing showing ) and home.
Archie was so tired he fell asleep later and didn't wake up until 10 p.m.


Jonathan said...

Seriously thinking of attending
Peter & Angela's "Minden Festival" this summer.
They've offered to make me the "Special Guest" (a bit frightening).
Just gotta see if I can find the money...

wastedpapiers said...

"Special Guest" - is that where they parade you around the town in a greasy pole covered in feathers?

Jonathan said...

Probably, Michael...
I'll have to be carefull of how they want to use that pole...
If I can get there.

Adele said...

They do tire you out at Interactive Arts don't they? The crumble and custard at Staff House is rather lovely...mmmmmmm.