Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A 100 Small Things

This is a frame from a very short animation I did using Monkey Jam free software. I realise I didnt have the patience to carry on with it. It looked rubbish anyway and took far too long. I used to have patience - I did spotty paintings that took months to do. I make collages now as they are far quicker and people seem to like them more.
Have been collecting things to put into a matchbox. So this is how you spend your time? Its for a project on Flickr. So far i have put in my matchbox- a pebble, a hairgrip, a pin, a needle, a ticket, a sticker, a button, a plastic duck, a popper, a match, a tiny mirror, a bead, a bit of wire, a leaf, a grain of sand, a granule of sugar and a badge. Hoping to find more things today. We used to play this game at the Basildon Boys Club before returning to the hut to drink lemonade and listen to the Everly Brothers on an old scratchy 78.
Yesterday i went to town and bought a very heavy DK book called "Chronicle Of The Cinema"- 100 years of the Movies for a quid in the market I nearly gave myself a hernia carrying it home. I was going to cut it up for collages as it has some wonderful old film posters inside its 920 pages- nearly all full colour. But it's far too nice really and Archie might find it useful for his Film Studies course he is doing for "A" level at 6th form college- presuming he gets the right grades for his GCSE's.

The snow that everyone else has been getting and grinding the country to a halt hasn't appeared in Cheshire- just a smigeon and its all melted. So no chance of that dusty sledge being used any day now. Its been hanging in the shed gathering cobwebs for the last ten years!

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