Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chicken Rock

Fat Larry Homes and his clucking geetar! One of my favourite instrumental chicken songs of all time I think.
Nice day yesterday when old friends Tony and Pene came over for lunch. It was Pene's birthday so we rushed out to get her some flowers and chocs at local supermarket and get some nice food in. I made a vegetable soup and cooked a mushroom quiche with some salad. We had a cake a bit later on. I neglected to take any photos which was a bit remiss of me.
Watched a bit of my staggering performance in the film "Dead City" we got inthe post on DVD today. Its the cheaply made zombie film we were in shot at the old Regal cinema in Northwich before is was gutted. Very funny to watch again. Some deleted scenes and documentaries on the extras disc we are looking forward to seeing.
have been digitising some old slides and negs using the new Canon scanner which seems to be working ok so far despite a few early glitches. Probably my fault. Pushing the wrong buttons.

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