Thursday, March 05, 2009

Windows 09

We've had some new sash type windows put in to replace the old ones that had "blown" and were all foggy. The new ones are amazingly clear - its like looking at High Definition TV after watching an old 405 line set from the 60's. They seems bigger and brighter too and hopefully will keep the heat in in winter and be cooler in the summer. They tilt too for easy cleaning of upstairs windows. It felt rather extavagant but we had promised ourselves new windows for ages - long before the present financial climate. Hopefully it will add to the attactiveness of the house if we ever consider selling it.
The windows took three days to put in so was rather at a loose end most of the time- the workroom having been almost emptied of junk and furniture. I spent most of the time on the internet or watching TV. Luckliy got a nice DVD from the US of an old Columbia serial from the 50's called "Captain Video" which I remember making a big impression on me when I was about 10 or 11 and used to go to the Century Cinema in Pitsea. They had a wonderful Saturday children's matinee and you could see a feature, a cartoon and serial for a shilling or maybe even six old pence. It was certainly one of the highlights of my week back in the 50's and early 60's.
I also remember the old Batman serial in black and white made in 1943 and Captain Marvel. There used to be small cinema's at some of London's railway sations too- I remember one at Victoria especially. They showed old serials too as well as Pathe newsreels and cartoons. Great if you had to wait an hour for a train.

Hazel is still not very well and her sore throat seems as bad as ever. She got a sick not today to cover her for the last two weeks. I wish they had given her some anti-biotics- it may have cleared up by now.
I have been painting the window frames and trying to sort my room out. I stuck my hand into a box of tools and pens etc. and stabbed my little finger with a scalpel blade- ouch! I knew it would happen one day.


treena said...

the windows are looking really good, hope hazel gets better soon.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks treena. We are still trying to reconcile the fact that it was a large spend but worth it we think - adds to the look of the house and has pushed us into spring cleaning and DIY mode!
Next the chimney that has had bits falling off it for a while - and the guttering. The man over the road working on another house said he'd do it. He has scaffolding up already so just a matter of carrying it across to ours when he's finished his gable end.

treena said...

betty said car boot tomorrow at anderton but im not 100% sure if its on. i should do some spring cleaning i think too!!