Friday, March 13, 2009

How Do You Make A Venetian Blind?

Poked more holes in the walls for shelves and the blinds which look good . We don't feel like we are living in a gold fish bowl anymore. Our neighbours are very nice but they do tend to stand at the open kitchen window and blow smoke outside and always seem to be watching me do the washing up or cooking etc.
On Tuesday went to town and borrowed a DVD "The Fall" from the library. Archie has watched it already and said it was "weird" and gave me some impressions of the characters in it. It looks stunning visually from what I have seen on YouTube.
Hazel is back at college and feeling a lot better- though trying to talk less and catch up on the form filling.
Went back to town on Wednesday with Hazel to get some shopping and look at some TV tables as Hazel is fed up with the pile of gadgetry and wires that surrounds the TV at the moment. They all seem too bulky though for our little alcove corner.
Saw Treena and Betty in the Age Concern. Betty said there was a boot sale this Sunday at Weaverham - first of the year - which we are looking forward too as they are usually very good and well attended. Hopefully the weather will improve by then.
next door are having their windows replaced now so lots of banging, drilling and smashing of glass yesterday. They seemed to be grinding it into a fine dust - crunch! crunch! crunch!
One of the blokes doing the work looked at our multi-coloured stickered wheelie bin as Hazel dragged it back from the roadside and said " Are those travel stickers?" and the idea that the bin had been on holiday , even a world cruise, tickled me.


scrapatorium said...

re: your neighbors watching you...maybe you are a reality show to them. You should be even more suspicious now that they are getting their windows done. Maybe they are doing it to get even a better view of you. ;-)

wastedpapiers said...

It does make me feel a bit uncomfortable but I'm sure there is nothing malicious- they are justpuffing out smoke so they dont contaminate the air indoors- they have a small baby. They should give up the evil weed but blowing smoke out the kitchen window is the next best thing I suppose.

WV says - "tummie"