Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Telly Box

A nice weekend - very springy. Our old telly has been on the blink for a while now and so we splashed out on new digital LCD wide screen Sony job that is really fantastic after the last one. We watched a great film last night I borrowed from the library - "The Fall" about a little girl and a paralysed stunt man back in the Hollywood of the 20's. A very rich fable filmed in many beautiful and exotic locations round the world. It reminded me a bit of the "Princess Bride". Ideal viewing for the tv's first evening. We will have to watch all out favourites again now and see them in a new light.
We dumped the old telly at the tip this morning after the boot sale at Weaverham.
We got a few bargains including more DVD's whuch included "American Werewolf In London" and Woody Allen's homage to NYC "Manhatten".
Hazel didnt find any gadgets or metal thingys but some plants, an old OXO tin and a CD box to be converted into a Cornell box if Archie wanted it but he didn't.
WE went for a walk this afternoon to Marbury and Archie took some joiner photos for his art GCSE work. We watched the blue tits, ducks, jay, and moorhens feeding and tried to get away from the hoards of noisy kids and dogs that descended on the place as it was so warm!
Hazel is now going to the tip again as she just moved someone off her white line and feels obliged to drive the car somewhere to prove how inconsiderate they were!


Anonymous said...

well at least it galvanised me into emptying all the junk out of the shed..I can get in there now

wastedpapiers said...

I think it's about time you came out of the shed - you've been in there three days already!