Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another nice sunny springlike day. I walked to town to get some groceries and pots a pile of mail I did yesterday. Hazel was expecting some people from the Manchester City Art Gallery for lunch and to look round her workshop so I got some nice salad and cheeses etc.
Did the usual tour of charity shops and bought a DVD of "Man Thing" for a quid. Also a double cassette of Spike Milligan reading the second part of his war memiors "Rommel- Gunner Who?"
Had a nice lunch and the two girls from the gallery were very enthusiastic about all out collections and stuff on the walls.
After lunch I went upstairs to continue with some collaging.

Gave up looking for a new scanner in the usual shops so have ordered one online today and hopefully it will arrive tomorrow which will be nice. Can't wait to scan all those old slides and negatives we have gathering dust.
Hazel spoke to the builder over the road and he's getting his scaffodling taken down on Friday and moved over to us- so hopefully he can start working on our chimney soon and stop the bits of brick falling off it which is a bit worrying! More expense!


Tai said...

Hi there,

I found a link to your blog at Wardomatic blog and got really amazed about your work. I think it is really expressive and sophisticated.
I would love to have this link in my page if it’s ok by you. Here’s my link for your consideration to post it in yours.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

On Flickr..they are tea leaf collecting sticks..NOT tea stain collectors...tut.!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Tai and Anonymous. Much appreciated.

I have ammended my Flicker stream accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I should think so too...