Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Bulbs, Cables and Harlequin.

Another week has sailed by on the tide. My brain is bobbing along on nicely - catching the Spring breezes. It was quite windy yesterday- the scaffolding built last week by the side of the house to mend the chimney ( next week possibly ) was making a most perculier noise - like a drill being annoyed by an armadillo.
It looks very precarious up there on that little platform. I dont envy the builder his task. Mind you, when he was over the road he didn't seemto have any platform atall and just balanced on the tiles and some how didnt fall off. Hazel dare not look. He made a good job of it though so thats' why we asked him to do ours. More expense.
At the weekend we saw a great theatre group at the Harlequin - a duo called RAW ( Random Acts of Wildness) - a silly name but they did some great physical theatre and clowning and reminded me a little of the League Of Gentlemen crossed with Bottom! Sadly only about 16 people in the audience including us. Northwich is not known for its culture vultures! I think it could have been advertised a bit better mind.
On Mothers Day , Granma and Audrey came over for fish and chips and cake. Audrey found a Norwegian jumper design she liked on the internet and printed it off to take home and knit. She said they had bought all the wool in Aldi and there was none left! I can well belive it.
Archie gave Hazel some chocs, flowers to plant in the garden and a home made card with a pencil drawing on the front.
All the power went off yesterday for 4 hours due to the high winds. I read my SHOUT by Philip Norman and listened to the wind-up radio.
As ill luck would have it the gas man came to mend the boiler which has been giving us luke warm baths but he had to go away again as there was no power. His mate came this morning and fixed it- a fluttering diagram he said. I thought so. He's coming back tomorrow to add a screw that was lost.
I went to town this morning to get some shopping, post some mail and get some HDMI cable for the new telly. It improves the DVD picture no end and almost as good as High Definition they reckon though I have no idea what that would look like.
Nice catalogue for the exhibition Hazel is in at MMU. She's displaying her Rusty Nail Collection.

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