Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Bells amd Theatre Mimi

Had a very nice lunch out on wednesday with Tony, Pene, Dave, Nick and Hazel at The Bells in Lower Peover. We dont get out to see our chums much so made a pleasant change to chat with them all and hear the latest gossip.
We poppped into Knutsford too to go round the charity shops. Good to see another has opened where a snooty dress shop used to be - a sign of the times. I bought two great old CD comps of British Vintage Comedy. Some featured on my audio blog.
Last night it was more culture at the Whitegate Community Hall and a travelling band of players called Loon/Theatre Mimi who did a great show called Phileas P. Souper. They all come from Newcastle I think and it was organised by the Cheshire Rural Touring Network who really do a great job in providing some class acts in tiny rural hamlets. The hall was packed though and hardly enough room to swing a bed or a trombone! Elements of Spike Jones, Laurel & Hardy and the circus all rolled into one!
It did take us ages to find though and the Tom Tom fell off the windscreen with a crash and sent us halfway home again it got so annoyed! We didn't win the raffle but got a free tumbler of orange juice in the interval and everyone was very friendly, wanting to know if we came from the village or further afield.

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