Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We Are The Eggmen

Archie has accumulated many eggs and will make himself sick eating all that chocolate!
On Monday we went to the boot sale at Frodsham. It was pretty busy and we had fun dodging in and out of the punters who all seemed to hail from the Merseyside area judging by the accents. I found a strange record of "horror" stories from the 60's now uploaded to Boot Sale Sounds. Its not really that scary but I liked the cover art of the skull. Despite searching through heaps of old records I didn't find anything else. Hazel bought a " foxey" mug but the fox has a grey tail? I can't remember his name off hand but his punchline was "Boom Boom!" Also some curious lead nails with grippy tails. Archie got a matresscover- made of duck down - brand new, never been worn!
Then to Lady Heyes for some licorice and a snack before returning home round the bumpy lanes of Cheshire. So many squashed animals and birds in the road these days - mostly due to drivers going too fast I expect. Quite sad to see quite large animals like badgers lying dead by the roadside. We saw two last week on the way to Trevor's.

The above collage is quite an old one from the days of Curios Thing. Still hoping to get some compiled into a LULU book but it's taking longer than I thought to sort out. My initial enthusiasm for the project is beginning to wane! Maybe they were just meant to be little 'zines printed on a photo-copier.

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asmallprincess said...

It's Basil Brush! I was a big fan.