Friday, April 20, 2007

Mint Royale

Found this on YouTube today thanks to Video Sift thanks to another blog who mentioned it - probably Sebastian at Easy Dreamer.
Archie went on school trip to London yesterday to meet George Osbourne again ( oh the shame! ) and be shown round the Houses of Commons and Lords. He seemed to enjoy the experiance despite the heatwave down south and the terrible trains. Apparently the Linda McCartney sausage rolls I made him came adrift in his bag and clogged up his iPod! I'm sure he's just exaggerating though. Hazel came home early to drive to Crewe to collect him and his chum Matthew an d got cuaght up in all the rush hour traffic. The train was 30 minutes late ofcourse so no need to have hurried.

I went to see the nurse for my third blood pressure check which was still high so have to go back to my GP and get some pills to lower it. What a pain.

Most of the day was spent catching up with "feet" and other mail. Two more arrived and some nice comp. CD's from my mate Jim in Basingstoke. I have been trying to compile some of my own but the CD recorder is still playing up and stopping midway through tracks which is annoying.

The garden is looking very green and colourful at the moment with the bluebells flowering and the tulips out. Some intersting birds on the peanuts, seeds and fat balls including a wagtail, bullfinch and what looked like a lapwing.

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