Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rumble In The Jumble

These are actually the spanish variety of larger bluebell in the garden and not the ones at Hopyard Woods. Its another gorgeous day of bright sunshine here. We just had our lunch sat out in the garden and it was rather nice except for the neighbours who had loud radios on and someone was sawing through a wooden leg some three gardens away.
I have missed afew days of bloggage and cant remember much about Wednesday or Thursday. I think I most likely walked into town again and got some shopping as we had run out of most things.
Yesterday I got stated on the LULU project again after figuring out how to alter margins and suchlike in Word. It was driving me crackers and I wasted so much time over it. I have done about half the book now and trying to do it slowly as not to repeat pages and make terrible mistakes when trying to do it fast. Slowly slowly catchy monkey - as they say around these parts.

I went into town with Hazel too and we popped into Ofam with a pile of videos and then the post office. Finally to Aldi for the the weeks shop. Aldi seems to be getting more popular now and we could hardly find space in the car park.

This morning there was a rare jumble sale dwon the road in the old chapel. It was mostly old crumpled clothes that had been stuffed into carrier bags and then stuffed onto a table and then stuffed back into plastic bags. Hazel bought some long jackets which had designer labels in. I bought a video of The Rocky Horror Show with Tim Curry. I couldnt get near the books as they were in a box balanced on a shelf and surrounded by rather portly elderly men who seemed determined to stay there reading them all one by one!

A bit of a disaster in the garden - I looked out of the window whilst making the tea in the kitchen this afternoon and I saw what looked like a large hedge that had been thrown over the wall and leaning on our line of washing. On closer inspection it seems that the trellis holding up the vine and climbing plants had rotted away and decided it had enough of holding up all this greenery and fallolloped over. We just had fun cutting it back and propping it up with a variety of wooden poles until some new planks could be hammered unceremoniously into the crumbling brick wall and whats left of the vine/creepy thing could be tied up to the bent nails and wonky screws jutting from the new wooden plankettes. It looks a lot better now and Hazel and Archie have filled a big brown wheelie bin ( a neighbour kindly lent us ) to the top with all the cuttings and twiglets. I'm sure Percy Sowerbutts would be horrified!

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