Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Photo Finish

Another short film that Hazel took- tripled and steam organ added. It's Archie trying out a Segway in County Hall when we were in London last week. He made it look so easy. I felt like my muscles would seize up any moment when I tried it!
Today I walked into town again to collect the 176 photos plus the two films for Archie he took in Austria. It came to a wopping 24 quid! Ouch! Archie's were as I feared mostly of his room- mates gurning for the camera and the odd shot of his thumb in front of a ski lift. We'll have to make him take the digital camera next time and then at least we can edit out the rubbish pics.

Also bought some more CD's in the library sale, including The Thrills, We Are Scientists (for Archie ) and The Strokes. Bought some smoked cod despite having rathera lot of fish last week on our travels. Luckily we like fish and they say its "brain food", whatever that might mean? I never feel particularly clever after a pair of kippers I must admit. Perhaps it's the accumulative effect.

More "feet shaped" cards today in the mail - both from Canada coincidentally. Also a lovely collaged card from Angelica of two rats sitting on a sofa in the ruins of Pompeii.

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