Sunday, April 29, 2007

Boot Sale - Sandiway

First time for a boot sale at Sandiway as far as I can recall. Being a tiny village we had to park on a grass verge on a narrow lane opposite a farm gate. The sale itself was in the local village junior school. Tons of stalls so lots to root through. Found a pile of A4 creamy coloured paper for the printer for a pound. I went back for this later as I didn't want to lug it around. Also got a Joe Brown LP on the cheapo Marble Arch label which I expect will find its way onto Boot Sale Sounds fairly soon. I looked through lots of old scratchy records but didn't find anything of interest. We looked for fireguards too but none to be found. Keith & Dini had made a great rabbit run for their pet bunny from three old wire fireguards and we hoped to do the same as we feel bad about Flo being cooped up in her hutch all the time. Got some ephemera including a battered book of matches with spooky photo on, a small metal spoon and a card of "poppers" for Hazel's small metal object collection.

Archie didnt get anything though I bumped into one of the mother's from the junior school days who had a stall there and she said "It's Archie's Dad isn't it?" I confessed I was and what a amazing memory she had! She went onto say her daughter, who I had no recollection of, was going to a school in Sandiway now. She remembered Archie as being a "very nice boy". "He still is", I said "You might spot him around the car boot- he's grown a bit since those days though!"

Hazel has just gone off on a second foray to Sandiway with her sister . Its a lovely day for it. Archie is in the garden squirting things with his water gun and checking on his snails. He said that two were "mating" and had been spitting out "pointy things" made from mucus? I think Richard Attenborough should be informed of this phenomenon!


Roger Stevens said...


Well, after some lovely hot sunny days the rainy overcast weather has finally reached us.

Jill's Dad's operation went well - "textbook" - and he's home. Jill's in France right now so I'm a bit lonesome on my own. I'm busy cleaning the house for potential buyers and packing and sorting. Bit boring - and not helped by my "bad" arm - tennis elbow - which is weird as I haven't played tennis for ages.

The DVD arrived safe and sound. Looking forward to watching it. Thanks.

Have also finished the Poems In Space CD. 13 tracks in all. Well, I've got to re-copy two of the tracks as they seem to be missing bits. What instrument did Hazel play in the fab jam - can you remember.

Will send you a copy soon. Meanwhile I'll colour-copy the book. There are some copy-shops near our London place - so I might try there.

Peas and lovage

wastedpapiers said...

It's really hot here today. Phew what a scorcher! It feels like July already. We have just come back from the bluebell woods again as we wanted to enjoy them without the running commentary- fascinating as it was. The woods were pretty qiet but the park itself was jammed to the gunnels ( whatever they are ).

Hazel says she was playing a variety of instruments including wine glass, whistle and shakers.

Thirteen tracks! Blimey - I thought we only did about 6- where did all the others come from?
We look forward to hearing it.

I can do some colour copying too. Hazel might be able to get them done cheaper at college.

Glad to hear that Jill's Dad is better and being looked after well. Archie thinks he may have "Tennis Elbow" too which is very odd since he's never played tennis in his life.

Roger Stevens said...


I hope he didn't catch it from me...

Would you like to do the book then? and I'll do the little cover for the CD.

I've only one copy at the moment because my computer doesn't like my cheap Tesco Cd blanks. I'll get some better ones tomorrow.

wastedpapiers said...

OK. That seems fair. I'll do the book and you can do the CD cover. Hazel says the colour prints at college are 50p each so maybe cheaper to do it at home and splash out on a new colour cartridge. Some pages are black and white though arent they? The cover should definately be in colour on thin card. maybe we should add a "Free 13 track CD" splash on the front too?

sylverbuns said...

Hello Michael! Man oh man have I missed you! But looks liked you've been keeping plenty busy...gorgeous bluebells, toppling fences,sales & more sales (I LOVE Rocky Horror Show!)...Meant to tell you on Easter we spent the day with Jonathan's sister & family et al...and I was introducing her to flickr...your site specifically & Archies animations...she loved them, and everyone was going around humming Gotta Wee! We went up to Portland Maine for a few days...was chasing shots all over when the camera said I could only have 15!!!(had inadvertently pushed some button or something). Kept re-editing, keeping only the best. Then, back to the hotel and in trying to "fix" it, erased everything! Arrrrrgh!!! So only ended up getting a last hurried few. Has finally warmed up here and overnite, things are popping out all over...but nothing as tremendous as the bluebells you seem to have!!! Am hoping to take a trip to Ireland this summer...crossing my fingers it shall work out! Outside the birds are trying to make a nest in the window by my computor...sounds loud & squawky & like a war zone! pie with eggs? Oh, I do miss your cooking! It's always something very different...I get bored with my same-o same-o stuff!
Take care...hugs to all!

wastedpapiers said...

Nice to have you drop bySyl. WEve miised you too. Good to hear you are well and keeping busy- shame about the photos. I do that sort of thing ALL the time! Ive been tearing my hair out over the wretched PDF files and Word today - still trying to get a book printed at LULU without much luck. It wont' work for me for some reason. Maybe I'm fated never to have a book published. I feel thwarted at every move!

Its just best really to photocopy stuff and staple it togther the old fashioned way- like the good ol' days of mail art. Cheap and cheerful! At least it will save me some money.

Doesnt everyone have eggs in their fish pies?

Hazel is thinking of driving to Ireland- maybe we could meet up in Dublin. Which part were you thinking of going to? We could get a ferry from Angelsey which isnt far from us.