Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

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Surprised that Archie wanted to go for a walk today after yesterdays travelling - we thought he would be having a well deserved lie-in. But we hada nice wealk over at Marbury. here we see Archie in his favourite tree - the one that's easy to climb! Below are some early bluebells in the wood. Next week they should look even better as there are swathes of them ready to emerge and dazzle us. The woods were very busy today with families out walking their dogs and children and talking very loudly on their wretched mobile phones. You'd think some places would be sacred wouldn't you but no - I'd happily ban them from public places if I had my way.

Lots to see in the countryside today including jays, a speedy vole or mouse, squirrels and a heron carrying a twig. Daft dogs paddling in the mere and blue tits on the peanuts by the hide. It was quite chilly when the wind blew but a nice bright sunny day all the same. Hardly any spaces in the car park at Marbury. The ice cream man was doing good business too. Archie wanted an ice-cream but we pointed out that he was already full of chocolate eggs he had been given this morning. Still lots of choc rabbits to find we had hid around the house. It's quite nice to know he's still not too old for such games but he's growing up fast so can't imagine he'll be doing so in a couple of years.

This afternoon Hazel has driven over to Anderton to show some friends of her sister the local sights of the region. No boot sales today but there is a few tomorrow I think. I still have a few LP's to add to the music blog and some more foot shaped postcards to make and send out. The washing will soon dry in this fine weather - the line is packed full of Archie's stuff! Hazel was very brave opening his washing bag without a peg on her nose when he got back with all those skiing socks!


Roger Stevens said...

Good to hear the lad is back safe and well. There were a few boot fairs round these parts. We drove back from Brighton at lunchtime past one and it looked pretty deserted. Maybe it's not quite boot fair weather.

Although a lovely day today.

I started on the garage. Found a box of Sounds from 1987 but as I took them out they got more and more chewed up. Then two mice jumped out,.

Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday afternoon/evening.
We're fattening up a turnip.


wastedpapiers said...

We saw a little firld mouse in the garden yesterday who was busy preenin g himself?herself under the Hydrangea? We once found some in a box of mail art before it was all put into sealed plastic containers - they made Hazel jump a mile! They did quite a lot of damage and sadly had to chuck the whole box away.

We are off to boot sale today in Frodsham I think if I can get the other two up in time!

Mmm! Turnip! My mouth is watering at the very thought!

Roger Stevens said...

See you Wednesday then.

asmallprincess said...

You are never too old for Easter Egg/Bunny hunting :)