Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fish Pie Again

Just boiling the eggs for the fish pie. I can hear them rattling around the saucepan trying to get out. Archie is gone on a quest to find potatoes as we have very few left. He volunteered much to my amazement.
It's not so wet today as it was the last two days. I walked into town and back and bumped into Treena at Age Concern where she works from time to time. She mentioned the Sorting Office cabinets again and seemed keen to get me involved so I must sort out some mail art from the archive for possible display. At the moment there is very little in the display cabinets - just some framed certificates and cups for "The Tidiest Sorting Office In Vale Royal" etc.

Archie is back with some rather spongey spuds but they seem like they will mash OK . He's gone in the garden to check on his snails.

Some time later. Here we are again the next day and the sun is out and the birds are yodelling in the back garden. Two more feet cards from Spain and USA. I distinctly heard the postman guffaw as he pushed them through the letterbox! Or he was choking on a Fisherman's Friend?

The blokes from the council came to paint the white line by our "dropped kerb" - it's only taken them 4 months to get round to it and as luck would have it a car was parked too close for comfort and they had to abandon the idea and come back another day. Oh the irony!

Hazel has gone into college today to meet up with the "Artifact Group" who spend too much time in museums and archives going through other peoples drawers. Another excuse for tea and cakes and gossip about the Dean I expect.

Copying some old comedy videos to DVD this morning whilst catching up with some blogging. Some smells of Reeves & Mortimer and some old Harry Hills. Did I mention we had tea with Harry and Tinky Winky from the Telly Tubbies once? I must tell you about it some day.


Jim said...

This is a fascinating post.

asmallprincess said...

Does Tinky Winky really drink tea? The cups always look empty to me, but luckily I have a good imagination.

wastedpapiers said...

It fascinates me but then I'm easily pleased! Thanks Jim for dropping by.

Yes, Adele,Tinky Winky ( Dave Thomas ) did drink tea I think, if my memory serves me right, it was a long time ago though.

wastedpapiers said...

Actually it was Dave Thompson not Dave Thomas who was ofcourse Andy Pandy.

Anonymous said...

fish pie again...yummy Hx