Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tiger Balm and Heat Patches

Tin Toy by wastedpapiers on Treemo
Still suffering with a bad back though it seemed to be getting better a couple of days ago and I walked into town yesterday which probably was a mistake. Back to the heat patches which ease the discomfort a little.
Archie's old chum Jack is here today. He lives in Weaverham now so hardly ever see him. He's put on a growing spurt since we last saw him and now towers over Archie despite still being 13. They all went to Shackerly but I stayed at home to creak and groan and watch some old Glastonbury I was transferring to DVD from video.
No Boot sales today but probably just as well as I dont think I could walk very far or bend over to look through boxes of old records.


Adele Prince said...

Ouch! I did my back in last year by sitting in a chair, then went to see an osteopath, who performed magic tricks. Definitely worth it.

Hope it gets better soon.

Roger Stevens said...

How do you do that transferring from video to dvd trick?

michael said...

I went to to see the doc this morning and he prescribed some anti-inflammatories. I have to take them after every meal. I might consider an osteopath if it doesnt improve soon.

We need a proper eronomic chair to sit at the computer really. It's not good to sit for long periods in an uncomfortable chair.

The video to DVD trick is easy if you have a DVD recorder plugged into your video player. They are quite cheap now and under 80 quid. The DVD recorder VHS combi are suppoed to be good too and take up less room. You can also get them with built in Freeview and hard drives as well, but perhaps not all at the same time?