Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Busy Saturday

Over the hills 2
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Up early for a couple of hours blogging and then walked into town for some exercise. Did the usual charity shops. Found a great pile of old records in the Help The Aged including some Fados from Portugal, Irish comedy, Brazilian samba, Hank Williams singing religious songs, "It's Trad Dad" film soundtrack from the 60's and a weird 10" LP (no sleeve) of a talk given by a german woman about a chalet!? All or some will no doubt turn up on Boot Sale Sounds in the near future. I bet you can't wait!
In the afternoon we went to the Regal to see "Open Season" which was amusing in parts but not quite in the same league as Shrek or Ice Age. We had a short chat to the manager as he tore our tickets about how sorry we were it was closing. Hazel suggested a campaign to save it but he said it was too late now. He seemed resigned to being made redundant.
Later in the evening we celebrated Archie's birthday some more with a meal out at the Bengal Dynasty which from the ouside looks like a community centre in the middle of the countryside but inside is quite posh with dozens of circular tables and semi circular alcoves, plush seating and white linen tableclothes etc. We just had the same as we normally have - a mixed vegetable dish, spicey cashewnut dumplings and bombay potatoes, rice ,poppadums and chutney and yoghurt. They try to make you order bread and extra rice but this was too much as it was and we had to leave some. We waddled home afterwards feeling very full. Archie seemed to enjoy it anyway as it was a treat he'd especially asked for.
Good news to about his animations for MTV Flux which apparently are being shown this week and his "Dancing Bear" has been used as an ident, they liked it so much. I phoned my brother-in-law and sister later to see if they got MTV Flux as part of their cable package but they said they didn't know but would look out for it.

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