Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Testing the new photo button

Here's a photo of Archie dressed as a kind of Viking dwarf. Perhaps a role in the new spin off series from Lord of The Things?
I've just noticed they have a spell check on here too! Is that new or has it always been here? Very useful for someone like me who is partially dyslexic.


swapatorium said...

Two thumbs up for your new photo look! Archie looks adorable too. The spell check has been on there a while, as far as I remember.

hazel said...

Tried to log onto my email...but couldn't.
so a message here instead from olde Londinium town,
A HUGE thunderstorm last night.
off to the crafts council in a mo.
Taking some photos of breakfast .
The rebecca Horn exhibition is GREAT...all go and see it.magical.

Roger Stevens said...

Will do, Haze.

I think Archie looks slightly scary. Imagine meeting him dressed like that on a dark night.

michael said...

Adorable? Scary? Who am I to believe?!
I must admit it's alot better to add the photos straight from the desktop like this- saves uploaded superflouous photos to Flickr which spoils the surprise.
Glad Hazel is enjoying her London trip despite a nasty sore throat and cold. Looking forward to her returning today.

Syl said...

sounds like you are really enjoying your new birthday pressie...oh! Happy Birthday...late and sorry!
That Archie! Every time I see him, he's up to something!

Cate said...

When I first looked at the picture of your sonI thought it was created digitally. I had to do a close-up to see that it hadn't been enhanced. (The water bottle on the shelf should have let me know right away.) He's so cute, the perfect expression on his face. Cate @ www.litatticlane.blogspot.com

michael said...

Thanks Cate. Actually the "water bottle" is a bottle of PVA glue for model making.
Will take a look at your website- thanks for the link!

michael said...
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R said...

ha! great outfit! i get a bit dyisyclex at times on teh keyboard.