Friday, June 03, 2005

A day out at Chester zoo.

Urang Utangs
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Guess where we went today?
Yes, you're right? How amazing!
Hazel managed to find Chester Zoo o.k. with the aid of the AA route finder. Its pretty much a straight run from our house down the A59 via the A41 sub-circular bypass veering left at the hunchbacked flyover roundabout gyrating system.
No, it was dead easy and only took 30 minutes - half hour at the most.
Lots of animals, birds and reptiles there which was a big shock for us as we expected a big box full of hair grips.
Sorry, I'm getting this blog mixed up with my other blog of nonsense HERE.
The rain held off for most of the day thankfully and we even had a picnic out on the grassy bit by the monkey house. Who was looking at who I wonder?
Saw lots of great animals and some even looked contented. When you see them pacing up and down you know that's a bad sign. Only the one black bear was doing that despite having an enormous enclosure with a waterfall and a pond.
The meerkats were amusing as were the chimpanzees and the urang-utangs who were covering themselves in sacking and pretending to be errrr sacks I guess?
Also saw elephants, rhino, bats(in the Twilight Zone!) parrots, ostrich, marmosets, tapirs, capybara's? (the worlds biggest rat!) and emu's. But no Rod Hull.


Roger Stevens said...

Hurrah - you're back! Not back from the zoo. Back on the blog.
For several days now I haven't been able to summon your blog. All the others worked okay - but not flobberlob. Just a white screen.

But here you are at the zoo - fine and dandy.

I'm enjoying the compilation you sent me very much. Thanks for that.


michael said...

Glad you were able to find us eventually. Hazel said she had trouble getting flobbered recently. It must be a technical fault.
Glad you are enjoying the comp.
Its gone all grey ansd cloudy here and looks like more rain. Flaming june eh?

cemenTIMental said...

Ah, I remember going to chester zoo as a child! For some reason particularly remember the Prarie Dogs, both in their enclosure and some that had escaped and were running around the paths...