Friday, June 24, 2005

A Quosiene of Smant

A Quosiene of Smant
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Cutting up old book covers can be very illuminating. This was a book of book covers infact from the market for a quid, so no real damage done. I think I've improved them slightly. Lots more at Flickr.
I'm not very good at URLs' so this is probably wrong!
Back from the doc's with more anti-biotics! He's suggested a scan too- more to put my mind at rest than anything he said as he's positive the problem is viral and nothing serious. Hope he's right.
Archie took the ingrediants for a macaroni cheese into school this morning for "Food tech." He had lost his recipe list so I had to guess the ammounts. Far too much for the tiny ovenware dish he took to cook it in!
I took my dodgy memory card into town yesterday and they put the 29 photos on a CD and will print them. Hopefully the card will work after it's been formatted- if not they promised to exchange it for a similar brand.
Quite a heavy downpour this morning- just what the garden needs.


scrapatorium said...

I hope all turns out well with your scan! Please keep us updated.

It is fun to collage over old book covers. I use romance novels which usually cost about a nickle at the thrift store. Maybe we should exchange covers sometime.

Send some rain our way please! We have a heat wave right now.

michael said...

Thanks Angelica. Some old book covers coming your way soon!
Its still a bit sticky and sultry here but cooling down now with the rain.
I'm just off to town to see if my photos are ready. I feel as if I've been hoodwinked by the camera shop who are very helpful but managed to squeeze some more money out of me for something I don't really need and really if the memory cardf is at fault they should be footing the bill! I shall start turning into Victor Meldrew (stereo-typical grumpy old man) if I continue so shall stop now.

Roger Stevens said...

That was quick! I was just editing my poem, because there were a couple of words not quite right, and you'd already made a comment.

Just think, we were blogging at the same time.

I ought to be in the garden now, but it's very wet after yesterday's massive storm.

michael said...

Yes, it seems pretty wet all over. Hopefully it will be fine for the boot sales tomorrow - if there are any?