Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Squirrel & His Nuts

A Squirrel & His Nuts
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Went to Weaverham to a boot sale but found only one sad solitary stall so we drove over to Anderton where luckliy another was in full swing. Quite few stalls too and so had fun rooting through boxes of records and junk but didnt find much. I bought two DVD's for a quid each, Monsters Inc. and Into The Arms of Strangers(the Story Of Kindertransport) which won the best documentary at the 2000 Oscars apparently.
Hazel got a watch chain and some 1962 Bimbo comics that she used to get as a child. Archie got some "Horrible Histories" books that he's collecting.
After lunch we took the worktable which the computer has been on outside to the new workshop. Using a small fold up card table temporarily, which isn't ideal as I can just about get my knees under it!
Archie has gone out with his remote control car and came back with a pot of flowers from the neighbours who have just returend from the Lake District. Hazel and Archie fed their rabbit and guinea-pig whilst they were away and the flowers were a thankyou (Archie got some Lakeland icecream).
Today's musical treat is two songs by Captain Matchbox - a goodtime jugband from Australia who I know nothing about.

Capt. Matchbox - Hotsy Totsy

Capt. Matchbox - Down Undergroundville

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Alan Bowman said...

Translated from the Leightalian by ten past ten

A squirrel in a Fiat with his dad were originally uplifted by the the new fashion sor slim fitting tree pulp trousers. But that's another story. Ann Dato the pork spinner's apprentice added the sale of a new 'sultan finding system' to a lonely, misspelled tourist found in the stalls to her list of accomplishments as Anderton's newest soprano guide. One of the elite few, the guides to the famous oscillating stables of Old Anderton.
There were relatively few of these oscillating stables left, and those that were boxed and annotated and kept in a wardrobe in the barracks of the army's newest division, the Monsters Corp, guarded by a giant 'sick' squid.
One day on the school bus, fired up on Vimto and enraged by the fact that the documentary on porkspinning over which she had laboured for many a long afternoon, had failed to win any of the 2000 Oscars up for grabs at the 1962 Lake District All In Bootsale Scramble. Ann had it in for Archie Kneecap, the worktable-top, flowerpot, icecream baron - that musical Australian captain of junk sales.
Oh how Archie would lament as the deadly caviar stuffed rabbit-bomb parted his walnuts from his family flower.

Alan Bowman said...

erm, if you haven't read the Leightalian, here it is:

Uno Scoiattolo & I Suoi Dadi Uno scoiattolo & i suoi dadi originalmente uploaded dai wastedpapiers. È andato a Weaverham ad una vendita del caricamento del sistema ma trovato soltanto una stalla solitaria triste in modo da noi ha guidato sopra a Anderton dove luckliy un altro era nell'oscillazione completa. Abbastanza poche stalle ugualmente e così hanno avute divertimento sradicare tramite le scatole delle annotazioni e del ritrovamento del didnt ma della roba di rifiuto molto. Ho comprato due DVD per un quid ciascuno, Monsters Inc. e nell'Armi della storia di Strangers(the di Kindertransport) quale ha vinto apparentemente il documentary migliore al Oscars 2000. La nocciola ha ottenuto una catena della vigilanza e circa comics 1962 del bimbo che ha usato ottenere come bambino. Il archie ha ottenuto alcuni "libri di dati storici horrible" che sta raccogliendo. Dopo che il pranzo noi prenda il worktable che il calcolatore è stato sulla parte esterna alla nuova officina. Usando un piccolo pieghi temporaneamente in su la tabella di scheda, che non è per quanto latta appena circa ottenga ideale le mie ginocchia sotto esso! Il archie ha uscito con il suo automobile di telecomando ed ha ritornato con un POT dei fiori dai vicini che hanno returend giusto dal distretto del lago. La nocciola ed il archie hanno alimentato il loro coniglio e cavia mentre erano assenti ed i fiori erano grazie (archie ha ottenuto un certo gelato della Regione dei laghi). L'odierno ossequio musicale è due canzoni dal capitano Matchbox - un jugband del goodtime dall'Australia che non conosco niente circa.

michael said...

Thanks Alan. I'm glad to see you are getting in to the spirit of the thing. Would you like to translate my blog into hindustani now?