Saturday, June 11, 2005

25 years of Fluff.

Hazel and archive.
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Here's Hazel sorting through a box of collage material and surroounded by the 25 years accumulation of mail art and correspondence we seem to have collected. Storing it has become a bit of a problem and until recently it was in saggy cardboard boxes that were damp and nibbled by mice! Now all has been transferred to plastic boxes with tight fitting lids and stored in the old coal shed, which is not ideal but the only place we have right now.
This morning I walked into town and back and did the usual round of charity shops, market, library and post office etc. I found Hazel an interesting gadget for her collection - a runner bean slicer that looks like it was designed by Heath Robinson - in it's original packaging too. Also a comedy called "Best of Show" on video that I'd never heard of but made by the same people who made Spinal Tap, one of my favourite films.
I seem to have been neglecting the music side of things here for a while- taken over by silly small films and the like- so here is a couple of tracks by an Australian version of The Singing Postman called Chad Morgan.

Chad Morgan - The Sheik of Scrubby Creek

Chad Morgan - The Crow Flying Backwards

These You Send It files are available for seven days or until exhausted.


R said...

nice fluff archive!

michael said...

Actually the Fluff is in the set of small drawers in the foreground.

Syl said...

Well, this has nothing to do which what you are saying...but I can't help admiring those gleaming tiles Hazel installed. have gotten way too organised...and we need to do the same thing. Looking good!