Friday, July 01, 2005

A boy and his bike.

Here's Archie on his bike, ready for the off. This was taken last year as you can see the old shed still crumbling in the background.
Hazel is back from her London jaunt with some posh new jeans and some earrings by a famous maker from the Crafts Council shop but I've forgotten who. She'd also bough that excellent big catalogue from the Prinzhorn collection of psychotic art that was shown at the Hayward Gallery some years ago and she's always wanted a copy. They had them for half price at the Hayward shop. Some wonderful illustrations in it. She had gifts for us too including a lovely Edward Gorey children's book for Archie about a maggot and a roll of skeleton sticky tape for me.
She popped round to see Jane & Graham who both looked well she said and had just come back from Greece. Cooper's was shutting but managed to grab a few words with Cheryl before she went home.
Hopefully we can get down to London before the end of the Summer to see our friends and family and the Rebecca Horn exhibition at the Hayward that is very good Hazel said.

Here's a couple of jolly songs from the heyday of British music hall and variety between the wars.

Leslie Holmes - I've Gone and Lost My Little Yo Yo

Charlie Higgins - Charlie's Saxaphone

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swapatorium said...

Sounds like Hazel bought some wonderful things and had a great time. I have a book on the Prinzhorn collection so I can see why she wanted a copy. Great stuff. I'm also a fan of Gorey. I have several of his books. Just finished reading a book on him of collected interviews. Interesting and odd man, as can be expected. Will send it along to you if you are interested.

michael said...

Sounds great Angelica but send us the publishers details and we may be able to order it from our local library. Is it Ascending Peculiarity? I've just spotted it at Amazon. It sounds expensive and heavy!

Syl said...

Hey, hey...can't wait to see the pics on your new blog! Can't think of any 3 more creative people to collaborate with-love each of your works!
Ahhhh....sigh....London. We've got to get back. SO many great art places to see...and the best fleamarkets! Glad Hazel enjoyed herself!

swapatorium said...

It is Ascending Peculiarity. We have a great bookstore in our neighborhood called 1/2 Price Books. The prices are fantastic. I picked it up there for $5. Probably much cheaper than Amazon? It is not a big or heavy book. Will send it your way, so don't buy it.

(Hi Syl!)

cemenTIMental said...

Ah, I went to see that Prinzhorn exhibition during my art foundation course back in the day. Amazing stuff! I may have to get down to the Hayward and pick up a copy of that book myself, thanks for the tipoff! :)

michael said...

Thanks Angelica, we look forward to seeing/reading it!
Hi Tim, glad you could drop in. Hope they have some left when you get there!

R said...

Great bike, Archie! Glad to see you're wearing the helmet, also.

michael said...

Archie would rather wear his cool cap rather than the woosy crash hat!