Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Keep Cool!

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Wear a melon slice on your head. Don't forget your five portions of fruit and veg. Very important to drink lots of water in this hot weather. I must have drunk a gallon of it yesterday!
Phew! Summer really is here with a vengeance. Why do people go to Greece and Spain and these really hot countries for their holidays? They must be mad!
This collage is for the latest theme of FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD at Collage Kids at Flickr.
I was listening to Mark Lamaar's great rock 'n' roll show on Radio 2 the other night and heard this great song-

Lord Sundance - Pretty Lord Sundance

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Syl said...

Oh, you can just tell she loves her food! Wonderful collage.
Heat with a vengeance there, sounds like. We vary from scorching to go grag a sweater!
d/l lord sundance and got 3 seconds of brilliant exotic music. Don't know why so short but liked what I heard. Now off for more musical entertainment, thanx to
bootsale aka Michael! :-)

scrapatorium said...

Great and funny collage! Iced tea is also a good thirst quencher.

michael said...

I don't know why you didnt get all the Lord Sundance Syl- I tried it and it seemed to work just fine. Have another go. How do you "grag a sweater"?
Thanks Angelica. I've tried iced tea but I prefer it hot despite the weather.

Roger Stevens said...

Personally I like the hot weather. Hope it's hot tomorrowl.

michael said...

You can 'owl all you want Roger but this weather is just too debilerartating and makes me tired, irritable and make up strange words that don't existipate in the human languwideitaion!

hazel said...

It is said that some like it hot...but I'm not one of them...Wilt...sweating is so unpleasant.

Jonathan said...

You want some fun ???
Try stripping wallpaper on a 90 degree, humidified day. Spraying the walls with the solution... once to take the paper off and a second time to scrub off the paste.
Lovely, that.

michael said...

Sorry to hear that Jonathan. Sounds pretty awful. Hope its cooler today for both of us!

Roger Stevens said...

Another baking hot day.


michael said...

Roger is just a masochist!
Cooler here with a nice breeze. Hazel just found a big frog under the compost bowl. He hopped off under the bench.