Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trevor/ West Midlands

Nice two day excursion to Shropshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands. Popped into see my old chum Trevor on his narrow boat in Norbury Junction where he paints boats for a living. He was just off to paint a boat so we didnt stay long- just enough to have some of the sandwiches we'd made on his boat with the wine he had bought back from a recent trip to Spain and Portugal. Then to a pub at Norbury for a quick pint and chat in the windy garden. Too windy infact and we went into the bar where this was taken - that's Trevor's mural on the pub wall.
Then off to Walsall as it didn't seem all that far - needlesss to say all the roads and roundabouts were a nightmare but Hazel did very well to get through them all despite being very stressed. The Tom Tom helped a lot.

Met up with Hazel's old friends Leslie and Karl who live by another canal on the outskirts of Walsall. Had a nice chat and meal in Pizza Hut.
Stayed in a strange little hotel in the middle of Walsall which seemed empty except for us and some asian men watching the cricket in the lounge area. It was a bit noisy at night with the main road outside but otherwise quite clean and comfortable for one night.
The next day we got some flowers from Morrisons and found Hazel's friend Dorothy who lives in Pelsall? and then to see her Uncle Frank and Auntie Jill who hasn't seen Archie since he was a baby- so a big surprise when we turned up with our tall lanky son!
They live in Bloxwhich I think. The roads in Walsall had all changed so much in ten years , Hazel hardly knew any of it! Thankfully the sat nav. found them.
Uncle Frank showed us how to find the M6 by driving in front until the first junction and then they veered off home.

One the way home we stooped by Ironbridge ( see photos) for lunch - mozarella /cheese pasties. Sitting looking at the tourists photographing the bridge and the qauint houses on the valley sides.
Home by 3pm via Whitchurch. Phew - felt like we'd been away for a week!

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