Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tabley Steam Fair

We went to the annual Tabley Hall Steam Fair today which wasnt at Tabley but a few miles north on the Cheshire Show Ground near Pikemere. It seemed a bit smaller and quieter than usual but with the usual range of traction engines, old vehicles, steam organs, fairground rides and craft tent etc. Hazel was really keen to go despite the weather looking a bit iffy. It turned out quite nice in the end - not too hot and overcaste but no rain thankfully. No Wall Of Death this year but plenty to see and do. Archie tried his hand on the rifle range and Hazel bought some metal gizmos for her blog so she was happy. Even happier when they announced over the tannoy that they required lovely young ladies to steer the traction engines. Hazel jumped at the chance as you can see!

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