Monday, July 20, 2009

Whatfest Weekend

So much rain ove the last few days one feels like building an ark! Or getting on a bus to go somewhere sunny!
Poor Archie got very damp and soggy at Whatfest but seemed to enjoy it from all accounts. He had to truncate his first music festival experience though yesterday as the rain just didn't stop and the only band he wanted to see was on at 10pm.
The cheap tent seemed to survive very well and is now drying off in Hazel's workshop.

Firstly we went to a boot sale in Weaverham which amazingly was well attended and the sun shone briefly to lull us into a belief that the weather would improve. It was short lived however and soon the heavens opened. I didn't find any bargains but Hazel found a big sack full of clothes which she was pleased with.
We drove to Frodsham and the antique centre for a quick rummage bt had to come home when Archie phoned to say he'd had enough and was packing up his tent and wringing out his sleeping bag.

I remember my first camping experience well - back in the 60's and going to Ireland with some friends. It was Five go mad in the land of the little people, mad horses and the rain. So much rain! But it didnt seem to matter too much when you are young and away from your family for the first time ever. Seemed very magical looking back with rose coloured glasses or should they be emerald green?
My second experience under canvas was several years later in France. The tent had partially rotted by then, having been packed away damp. It was covered in patches and war wounds. Camping outside in France is a totally different experiance. The noise of those crickets and grasshoppers etc. was enough to drive you mad. It felt like someone was scraping a bit of corrogated tin with a spanner next to your head!

I think I gave up camping after this and decided that it wasn't for me. I need my home comforts too much. Archie will decide eventually if life under canvas is for him. In the meantime he seems keen to repeat the experience. Ah, the impetuiousness? of youth!


Jonathan said...

My parents took us camping alot when we were kids. The only way they could afford holidays. I suppose I enjoyed it then... and continued to go camping as a young adult (canoe trips and hiking expeditions). I grew out of it, learning that I'm really an urban monkey at heart.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Jonathan- sorry for delay in reply. Blogger's fault.
I was never good at camping. I enjoy my home comforts too much. The last time was back in the 60's when I was young and foolish ( not old and foolish like I am now!). In Ireland the tent got very wet as it rained every single day so tent rotted away slowly. In Cornwall I camped on some sand dunes on my own and it scared the life out of me - the sound of crashing waves kept me awake! never again!