Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mary Greg Collection

Went into Manchester with Hazel today to see the Mary Greg collection at the Manchester Art Gallery. Got the early train and met all the regulars that Hazel chats too - grumbling about the latenesss of the trains etc.
Hazel had to go into college first to print off a doo-dah for a student applying for a job on some headed paper.
We got a taxi to the annexe in some park in the North of Manchester.
Amazing inside - peeling grandeur of bygone days. Piles of old paintings and bubble wrapped frames. Lots of conservation goes on here now as well as housing the Mary Greg collection in the gloomy shuttered gallery.
The staff there are very friendly and showed us some of the restoration they were doing to some amazing old Burne Jones canvases which had been preserved with beeswax and some other stuff and they were laid out on a plank over it , picking off the wax with tweezers and a cotton bud! It would take months to do - just patience and such tedium but they seemed very happy in their work.

Looked through tons of drawers and cabintets full of the oddest collection - old spoons, keys and watch winders. Fragile books and wooden animals from ancient farmyards and zoos. Took loads of photos- just a few here and on Flickr.
With every drawer that was opened it was met by a "Oooh" or an "Aaaah" and the ocassional "Wow!"
Had a sandwich and tea in the staff room for lunch and then another taxi back to town. Hazel went off to learn about Wordpress from the IT bloke at the gallery and I wended my way home through the drizzle to the station and the next train.

Hazel has driven over to Lostok to get Archie who has been at a chums house all day. She didn't feel much like going with a broken tooth and a sore throat. O dear hope it's not the dreaded swine flu' !


Jonathan said...

How'd Hazel break a tooth??
Me... one of my front ones fell out on Boxing Day... I've yet to see a dentist. (How do you interview a dentist??) I'm certain that they're going to go with a full upper set of dentures... I just hope that I can find someone that can get me teeth that look like they belong in my head.

wastedpapiers said...

Bit on something crunchy I reckon. Crusty bread? I cant remember now. I had a broken tooth too. One of the joys of getting old!