Sunday, July 05, 2009

Flying Visit

Nice surprise vist from our old babysitter Deborah today who was on her way to her Mum's in the West Country with her friend.
We had a nice chat and some strawberries and cake and we showed them round the house and garden. She hasn't seen Archie since he was about 5 so amazed at the difference a few years can make!
This morning we went to a boot sale in Hartford and got a few bargains including a stack of DVD's for 20p each which includes Shaft ( a nemake ) 28 Weeks Later, The Unforgiven and The Bicycle Thieves. An eclectic bunch if ever there was one.

Hazel got some home made stitch measurers? some cotton swatches and some plants.
Yesterday we went to Chester to get my collage from the art gallery now the Open exhibition had finished. The nice lady that handed it over said how much she liked my work which was appreciated.
We had our usual sausage roll and coke in the garden of the cathedral which was empty accept for a few pigens and squirrel.
The town was packed with shoppers and tourists though. The buskers were out in force including some christians with a banjo, guitar and tambourine.
Hazel bought a scarf in her favourite clothes shop Morgans.
The drizzle held off for most of the day thankfully. It was slightly cooler and fresher. Archie stayed at home.
I made some salmon fish cakes in the evening which were delicious with new poatoes and salad ( or was that Friday?)
I had a dream about ferrest in sunglasses which inspired this graffiti at Facebook.

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