Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tidy Mode

Found some old collaged birthday, valentine and anniversary cards whilst sorting through our boxes and cupboards. One such above from 1997.
The boot sale today was pretty muddy over at Chelford. They had changed the field as we assumed the other was more like a swamp! This was bad enough - the car had muddy spray all up the sides and Hazel only waxed and polished it yesterday.
I got a Freeview box for the small TV in the back room but it needs a scart plug and we dont have one so that was a bit annoying. We could look out for a small telly with a scart but probably simpler to just buy a cheap one with built in Freeview and save all that messing around with plugs, cables and sockets.
The PC doc is coming back tomorrow to put a new CD/DVD burner on our ailing computer. The broadband signla is still faltering but not as bad as it was. He said it was BT's fault and nothing he could do. Hopefully I won't be forced to phone up Calcutta to find out!


Ackworth born said...

Hi Michael - google shoved your reply to my email into the spam folder which I only check every few weeks as it is 99.9% positive spam but spotted yours.

good to make contact again

Roger Stevens said...

Isn't Archie getting tall and lanky now?

wastedpapiers said...

Sorry for dalay - Blogger trouble.

Yes Gerald I have the same problem with Yahoo where I found all these Blogger messages this morning - I think they are all in Kahoots ( another social networking site!)

Yes, he is Roger - very tall and lanky - taller than me or maybe I am just shrinking?