Thursday, August 13, 2009


What gadabouts we are - one day it's Wrexham and the next day it's Lostock Gralam and today it's Chester. We split up after arriving on the bus and I went round on my own to all the charity shops as Hazel and Archie wanted to buy clothes. The very idea! I found no bargains probably because it is the dreaded 13th today. Anyway we had a nice lunch on the bench under the cathedral walls , surrounded by gargoyles and pigeons. Delicious vege sausage rolls from the pastie shop which we had just discovered. Hazel also bought some green T-shirt material for her latest rag rug.

Lots of buskers including many young boys who obviously thought it a good idea to make some money in the school holidays. One young lad was playing the accordion whilst an old man lent over him and shouted "My names Graham - what's your name?!" The young lad looked terrified.


Ackworth born said...

Thought it was Grosvener Park at first but on second viewing realised it was the Cathedral gardens. Aren't the flowers gorgeous everywhere this year?

Roger Stevens said...

What a fascinating glimpse of Wrexham.

wastedpapiers said...

Sorry again for the delay in replies to some of these old messages that have been languishing in my "in box" without me knowing.

We dont go to Wrexham much as its quite a long drive. We only went to pick up some collages I had in a small exhibition out in the middle of nowhere run by snobby lady who insisted her gallery was nearer to Chester alhtough Wrexham was far nearer but in Wales so therefore doesnt count!