Monday, August 10, 2009


I forgot my camera today so no photos of Wrexham or the bits in between. Fist we dropped some collages off at the converted barn gallery at Stretton some six miles from Wrexham. Luckily the sat nav guided us there - we would have had a hard time finding it otherwise. It's a mixed show of local artists - some 60 or so. The barn space is quite large but can't see how they will fit everyones work in!
Wrexham has some interesting indoor markets that look as if they date back to Victorian times - nice stone reliefs on the outide of bulls head etc. Also a bustling outside market where Hazel bought some plants quite cheaply to brighten up the garden. Popped into several charity shops and had a good rummage. Found a scratchy record of "naval shanties" called UP THE FOC-SLE which will appear soon on my audio blog I'm pretty sure.
We got some vege sausage rolls from Sayers to eat in the small park by the market place.
We needed to get back home for the surveyor- who was coming to measure our windows so had to leave Wrexham at 12-30pm. We shall have to go back and explore further as there seemed to be other shopping streets we did not venture into.
Maybe next time.

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