Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Knutsford Travesty

I took this clip today whilst waiting for the bus to Rudheath. I think I must have just missed one because i seemed to be be waiting ages. Here you can see the Old Post Office which is now a big cavenous pub. The new post office is hardly big enough to swing a cat in!
I walked to town despite the slippy conditions and bought a few things we desperately needed like a 30p video of Lee Evans "Live In Bristol" and a candle snuffer. Saw Treena and Betty in the Age Concern shop too - they both looked very well and said they had good Christmas's.
Woolies looked very empty and sad - one man was clattering about inside, loading shelving units and other shop paraphenalia onto a trolley.
Hazel is in the workshop cutting out round bits of metal for some new work.
A late nail arrived today from Ruth Fledermaus in Alabama. She hasn't been in touch for about 6 years so a nice surprise. It was a lucky nail to ward off evil spirits she reckoned.
I also borrowed the film "Man On A Wire" about the chap who walked from one twin tower to the other via a high wire in the 80's or 90's thats just been released on DVD.

Its' been too cold to venture out most days so weve stayed in and huddled around the radiator.
We did go to Knutsford yesterday though as we were going stir crazy. There weren't many sales on and the shops that had them were too snooty for us to go in!
We popped into the history centre or whatever its called to see the renowned Knutsford Tapestry which was depicted on a jig saw I gave Granma Jones for Xmas. Hazel had seen it before a few years back but I never had. A kindly old gent showed us round as it was housed in a special constructed room at the back - through a courtyard full of weird sculptures and farming implements etc.
He explained that it started out as a small project, just 2 feet by 6 feet and quickly grew when other folk in the town heard about it and wanted their shop or house included. So it turned into a huge community project with many panels being worked on ( cross stitched) at once and when completed the whole thing was sewn together by some genius so you could hardly see the joins. Now it comprises of three huge panels some 20 feet long by 5 feet high.


Anonymous said...

Cross stitch!!...its a tapestry it isn't cross they know nothing!!
word verification is..rephoo

Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance! I thought cross stitch wasa form of tapestry? Obviously not!

Anonymous said...

tut tut...they are so different,
one is crosses the other isn't...
nothing like each'll be calling it an embroidary next!

wastedpapiers said...


I should wear my glasses when i go out as they all looked like crosses to me! I'm just a laughing stock in stitchery circles!

word verification says- "cowsti"

Roger Stevens said...

Those comments had me in stitches.

What a fascinating video.

And pleased you finally found the Lee Evans DVD to complete your collection. Is it the one with the grand piano? I'm not a big Lee Evans fan but that is genius. Very clever, very funny.

Only minus 2 here now - and we have recovered the car from the snowy ditch. Hurrah!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Roger. The comments had me in stitches too. In actual fact we dont have a lot of Lee Evans on video. We bought A DVD of him at the O2 arena for Archie at Crimble and he seemed to like it and this one in Scotland - not Bristol - was all different stuff and quite funny in parts. Never been a big fan myself- Ive always thought of him as very manic and sweaty version of Normal Wisdom for the 21st Century. But there are a few good jokes amongst all the rubbishy slapstick and swearing.

Glad to hear the car has been hauled out of the snowdrift by some burly french farmhands. Did you all have a bottle of pastis afterwards to ward off the cold?

word verification says - "sneli"

The film about Philipe Petit the french wire walker was very good- we watched it last night.