Saturday, January 17, 2009


Here's an elefunt what I animated at a great animation site at Miniclip. This for Ennio Pauluzzi who sent me a nice elephant card the other day.
Another week has rolled by and it's Saturday again.
Yesterday I walked into town and found a few bargains including a brightly coloured tin crocodile from Zimbabwe for three quid which is probably equivalent to a trillion dollars over there. Also a video of the Beach Boys early days from 1976. In the library sale I found a great double CD of "Round The Horne" for 50p.
I got my hair cut previously in the week and look rather like a refugee from a transit camp. I won't be going back to that barber's again!
Today we popped to Aldo and got Audrey a push along seat and basket thingy for the shops- so she can have a sit down when she gets tired or needs to take the weight off her feet. She spotted it boefore but wanted Hazel's opinion as to its usefulness.
It was a bit heavy and cumbersome in its huge box but we managed to slide it along the tiled floor of the shop to the till and out to the car park.
Nice and sunny today but threat of gales, hail, snow and storms tomorrow. I thought it was too good to last!

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