Friday, January 02, 2009

Shakerley Mere / Chester

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Another Flip mix using the "Journal" setting with added background groovy music. Shakerley mere was frozen over mostly and the geese and ducks were walking on the ice - maybe you can just see them in the distance? Maybe not. Compressing for the blog looses a bit of clarity - the original was quite sharp for a cheap camcorder.
We didn't take any bread scraps this time as we were intimidated by the signs everywhere saying "Do Not Feed The Wildlife With Bread!" This makes them swell up and explode or something equally disturbing! Other people were ignoring the notices and feeding them their bread though which made us regret not taking a small bit to slide over the ice and watch the ducks slide amusingly after it.

Today we went to Chester as I was feeling better and it wasn't so icy. It was packed and the shops which all had sales were doing a roaring trade. I bought a new shirt from Gap and Archie kitted himself out with new clobber. Hazel also found some bargains at Morgans , her favourite shop in the whole world. Also got a roll up keyboard for a couple of quid for Archie but he wasn't very impressed I dont think. It did sound a bit like a harmonica that had been crossed with some bagpipes!
We had a vege sausage roll and covered ourselves in crumbs and then a hot chocolate in a Thai cafe.
Then back to the park and ride bus and home.

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